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    公司简介 ABOUT US

    As the only leading enterprise in the industrialization of sericulture that integrates sericulture production, silkworm cocoon harvesting, silk reeling, silk weaving, sales, export and silk culture display, Sichuan Antai Cocoon Silk Group Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise, a province-level leading poverty alleviation enterprise and a province-level key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization operation, as well as an honest demonstration enterprise in Sichuan Province and an outstanding private enterprise in Sichuan Province. 

    Antai Group was established in 2004, with a registered capital of CNY 50 million yuan and a land of ​​333,500 square meters. Antai Group has built China Western Silk Industrial Park (133,400 square meters) and China Southern Silk Expo, with assets of CNY 500 million. Antai Group is affiliated to Sichuan Century Antai Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. with five subsidiaries such as Wusheng County Antai Sericulture Co., Ltd., Guang'an Antai Sericulture Co., Ltd., Jiajiang County Antai Sericulture Co., Ltd., Silk Road Group Sichuan Antai Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Bojinhui Silk Sales Co., Ltd. and so on. Antai Group is mainly engaged in the manufacture, processing, sales and export of silk and silk products; production of sericulture and silkworm egg, the acquisition of fresh cocoon and cocoon, silk sales, etc. Annual sales income is CNY 463 million. The profit is CNY 32.42 million and the tax is CNY 18.8 million.

    There are more than 500 employees in the company, including 20 senior management personnel, more than 100 staffs have college or higher education, and over 10 employees own middle and senior technical titles.

    Adhering to the business purpose of "quality first, credit first, honest business, dedication to society", and firmly establishing the concept of "quality makes brand, brand make profits, and profits promote development", and taking "strengthen brand building" as the foundation of enterprise, Antai focuses on the cultivating of well-known brands to enhance core competitiveness of enterprise. With an annual output of 1 million kilograms of high-quality silkworm cocoons, 500 tons of raw silks, 1.5 million meters of silks, and 9,600 threads of reeled silks, Antai ranks the first position in the industry of Sichuan province.

    Antai has certificated to ISO9001:2015 international quality system; the average grade of our "Baozhen" brand white steam filature has reached 5A80, the commercial inspection rate reached 100%, 5A, 6A grade high-grade raw silk has reached 99%, and the products are well sold in the United States Europe, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions. Since 2009, "Baozhen" brand white steam filature has earned the title of the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth famous brand products in Sichuan Province. In 2011, t our "Baozhen" brand was awarded the title of a famous trademark in China. Relying on wide product sales network, we have established a stable long-term cooperative relationship with well-known silk enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shawhite steam filature, doupion silk, mulberry silk quilts, silk garments and other products sell well at home and abroad. In 2018, our company obtained a certificate for the use of "high-grade silk logo".

    Adhering to the mission of "agricultural leader, the backbone of industry, a model of cooperation between banks and enterprises", we focus on the development of enterprises and help farmers increase income; thus we are rated as "provincel-level key leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization", "honest and trustworthy units", "AA" credit enterprise, "quality management advanced enterprise", "tax advanced enterprise", "Sichuan province quality improvement demonstration pilot enterprise", "Sichuan excellent private enterprise", "national high-tech enterprise", etc., and got the " Qualification Certificate of Import and Export Enterprise of The People's Republic of China" and the right to export.

    From 2017 to 2019, our company will invest about CNY 130 million to build a 6,670,000 square meters of high-standard, high-quality sericulture demonstration base, and then will drive farmers or owners in the project radiation area to develop 13,340,000 square meters of high-quality mulberry gardens and raise 110,000 silkworms annually. The production output of cocoon is 4.5 million kilograms, the income of cocoon is CNY 200 million and the value of sericulture is more than CNY 260 million. The modern cultivation of mulberry sericulture is not only a green mountain and green water project, but also a poverty alleviation project. We will deepen the reform of the supply side of agriculture as a breakthrough and take four satisfactions as the general requirements (peasant satisfaction, owner satisfaction, government satisfaction and corporate satisfaction) to achieve the three major goals: poverty-stricken households are out of poverty (poor households have three incomes, land rental income, working income, using poverty alleviation funds to earn income); creating a large number of middle class; our enterprise become bigger and stronger and become a listed company. In the way of chain-strengthening, we will deepen the primary industry, fine-tune the secondary industry, and extend the tertiary industry. Through promoting the integration of "primary, secondary, tertiary" industries, we are going to complete the industrial layout of N (20,010,000-33,350,000 square meters of mulberry garden) + 24 (groups of automatic reeling machines) + 48 (sets of rapier looms), and vigorously develop the silk processing industry, make "Baozhen" silk brand more famous, create company with annual production value of over CNY 1 billion. Through the construction of industrial parks, our county will be built into a modern sericulture industry in western China, an important silk processing town and a well-known modern sericulture industrial park in China; through making Wusheng County a sericulture cultural sightseeing with great local characteristics, we hope to promote the integration construction of sericulture culture, sightseeing and tourism; by fulfilling the social responsibility of our enterprise, we aim to lead farmers increase their incomes, alleviate poverty and get rich, and make contributions to the establishment of a comprehensive well-off society.

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